About Us

About UsSandy PictureOur curriculum exposes children to the elements of art, master artists, different genres, a variety of art periods, high quality materials and critiquing sessions (both self and peer). Children are given the direction and encouragement needed to take chances, make a mess, and deepen their love for visual arts. CAT students are encouraged to do every step of each project.

Our curriculum not only advances their understanding of art, but increases proficiency in math, science and communication skills. The creative process increases self confidence and teaches patience and goal setting. Students of all artistic levels can learn and grow with CAT!



What is CAT?

CAT is an art education program that exposes children to the elements of art. CAT provides children an understanding of art through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Children learn to be inspired by their surroundings. Immersion in our art program develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Our program, through introductions to master artists, different genres, a variety of art periods, high quality materials and critiquing sessions give children confidence in their art and self-expression. Our planned curriculum not only advances their understanding of art but increases proficiency in math, science and communication skills. Children learn to respect art and ideas different from their own and to set and attain goals The CAT Program was developed and is directed by teachers with extensive experience in the fields of art education and early childhood and elementary education.

Our Teachers:

The CAT Program was developed and is directed by teachers with extensive experience and education in the fields of art history, studio art, art education, early childhood, and elementary education.


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Kelly McSharry (864) 561-7420