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Art Education based on Instruction with Exploration and Discovery

Creating Artists for Tomorrow

CAT's is an art education program that exposes children to the elements of art. By providing children an understanding of art through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles, children are able to learn by being inspired by their surroundings. Immersion in our art program develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Good morning everyone! We MISS you ALL! We miss seeing your smiling faces and creative minds! We so wish we could invite you to the studio for a cool art lesson or messy project! So .....we are going outside our comfort zone and going to record several videos of easy art projects you can do at home! Follow along below, while we try to keep the mess at a minimum. Some projects will be for older kids and many will be for the Table Time crowd!


We would love for you to post pictures or videos of you having fun with the projects! Again, with tears in our eyes, we MISS you so much! We will get through these crazy times. A little creativity, fun and love will help!



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