• Sandy Jordan

Covid-19 Plan

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Sandy and I would like to sincerely thank all of our families for their support of the studio during this difficult time. We all hope that the Coronavirus has not placed too heavy a burden on you or your families in a personal or professional way. We have missed our students so much! They have always been such a source of joy and creativity for both of us. We would love to see them back in the studio this summer! That being said, we want to provide everyone with an update on the studio during the pandemic and an outlook of what we foresee in the near future.

We closed the studio the day Governor McMaster closed the public schools. When it was announced that school would not reconvene, we sent emails to the families, who had paid in full, with options on how to refund the money spent on the classes that did not take place. If you did not receive an email please call us as soon as possible.

Right now, we are planning to hold summer camps starting in the week of June 15. Sandy and I have made several changes to the operation of the camps and have implemented several health and safety precautions that will make the camps as safe as possible. With these changes we feel that camp will still be fun, creative and educational experience for the kids! We continue to monitor the guidance provided by the local and state authorities and recognize that this situation is still changing on a daily basis and will require all of us to remain flexible as we attempt to “restart” our activities with the overarching objective of maintaining the health and safety of our children, their families and our community.

Below is an early outline of some of the protocol that we will use for all activities held at the studio: classes, camps, and birthday parties.

  1. Camps will have a minimum of 5 children and a maximum of 12 children.

  2. Teacher/Student will be limited to 1:3

  3. All participants, including the staff and students, will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer before entering camp.

  4. Parents and instructors will be asked how they are feeling and if they are experiencing any symptoms of being sick. If they are symptomatic, they will not be permitted in the studio.

  5. If a child does show symptoms of being sick while at the studio he or she will be removed from the group until parents pick them up.

  6. Activities will be conducted outdoors weather permitting.

  7. Children will conduct their art projects while sitting six feet apart. While we will do our best to maintain social distancing at all times, it is important to understand that children have a high energy level and often seek physical contact.

  8. Masks will be worn by the instructors when doing one on one instruction. Masks will not be worn by the teacher when introducing a project to the group. For group activities the teacher will instruct from more than 6 feet away and the students will maintain six foot distancing.

  9. Tables and chairs will be wiped down between each student. Hand sanitizer will be available at each table or station.

  10. Tissues will be available at each station.

  11. All trash cans will be “no touch”.

  12. Bathrooms will be cleaned before, once during and after each camp session.

Please understand that this is not a final or complete list of what guidelines we expect to have in place to ensure a safe return to activity at CATs. There will be an updated set of rules and guidelines sent out to the camp participants before each camp. We ask that you go over these rules with your children prior to the start of camp. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or recommendations! We want to work together to create an environment that is safe yet fun and creative for all!


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